This is a fan site – we do not sell bicycles or parts.  We do not sell bicycles or parts or know where to get specific parts – please do not ask.

We do sell electric Dyno bicycle conversions or can custom make an electric Dino bicycle for you. Click here to contact us about electric Dyno bikes.

Dyno cruiser bicycles are not made or sold anymore. The best source for used Dyno cruisers is CraigsList in your area or a Google search.

If you are looking for Dyno parts – check out your local bike shop(LBS). If they cannot help you, there are a number of websites that cater to rat rod bikes – use Google images to find what you are looking for – and then click the view site button.

If you are looking for Dyno parts check out your local bike store (LBS) or one of the forum links at the bottom of the Dyno Bicycle History page on this website. Or search Google images.

If you are looking for Dyno Cruiser info check out GOOGLE.COM – I find a Google search for images is helpful.

We do not offer parts, repair, advise, or assembly services.

If you really must contact us click here.