Dyno Bikes:

Dyno Glide frame (no gussets) with regular forks and 26″ wheels
Dyno Glide Deluxe has the springer fork and 26″ wheels
Dyno Ultra Glide have internal geared hubs (IGH) – mostly 3 and 4 speeds and 26″ wheels

Dyno Moto Glide has gusset plates at the head tube and triple tree chrome forks and 26″ wheels

Dyno Deuce has gusset plates at the head tube and triple tree chrome motorcycle like forks and 26″ front wheels and that very cool 24″ extra wide rear wheel.

Dyno Coaster is the early Dyno stretch cruiser
Dyno Roadster is the later Dyno stretch cruiser

Dyno MoonEyes – this is a beautiful and distinctive bicycle, in part because of the yellow and black color theme! The MoonEyes uses the Dyno Glide non-gusset frame, the 1″ threadless triple tree forks and a MoonEyes branded chainring. The handlebars are the wide rounded type mounted with the GT piston type stem. The kickstand is mounted on the bottom bracket shell. The wheels are 26″ front and back. And a really tricked out MoonEyes may come with disc wheel covers.

Early Dyno’s came with a D on the back of the top tube just behind the seat post – until 1999-2000. Later bikes had the Dyno Headbadge and a Dyno decal on the seat tube.


After GT, which bought the Dyno franchise from Morales, went bankrupt, Pacific Bike Company ended up with the Dyno name. Dyno’s were then sold as Kustom Kruzers. It is said that the early KK’s were OK but after a short while, the quality went downhill fast.

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